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Rainbow 6 Siege Stats Checker by FPSTracker.com

Have you been wondering how good you are with the game compared to players in the same rank or higher? Are you setting a goal to see yourself progress and check how you do in Rainbow Six in a couple of years? Or do you want to brag about how you got a consecutive 7-kill streak in a single game against players that are known in the community? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Rainbow Six tracker is here to do everything for you and more. The stats checker is created for your progress, and you wouldn’t feel the same without it once you opt use it.

Tom Clancy’s – Rainbow Six has one of the most outstanding gaming communities that the gaming world has to offer. With the game focused primarily on the multiplayer experience and tactics, players who are skilled enough to reach the leaderboards are well recognized and appreciated. But what do we do here? Everything that has to do with the game and tracking, we do it here. 

So what can you precisely gain from using our tracker? Plain and easy. We help you earn that sweet spot on top of the leaderboards. Like every multiplayer FPS game out there, you can play the game for fun without seeking glory but getting to the top of the Rainbow Six leaderboards? Well, that’s a different story. Our platform makes sure your all hard work, dedication, and skills don’t go to waste.


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Track all In-Game Statistics

Our one goal for this website and tracker? We strive to give you the best player stats tracker for Rainbow Six. And we made sure that there were no compromises on that department. You can easily track any killstreaks, check who is on top of the leaderboards, get insights on all Kill/death ratios and conveniently track your personal records and stats.

Our tracker is here to help you improve your skills from day one. If you’re a player that is content with the skills you possess? We have no issues. But if you’re on the path to becoming an extremely skilled player? We are here to make a difference in your gaming career.

For what it’s worth? You can now view anything that has to do with the game here, from the recent Rainbow six trends to the trends from months or even years ago. You can also look at all the maps and weapons that are conveniently placed for you to access, which makes it a whole lot more advantageous for you if you’re a new player trying to understand the game or a seasoned player that is drastically out of touch. 

To be the best, we made sure we didn’t leave any features behind while developing our tracker and focused our hard work entirely on the user-experience aspect of it. This feature makes it possible for all kinds of player, from new to old, to take advantage of our services.

How does the R6S Tracker work?

The Rainbow Six Siege tracker does what it does best. Tracks stats effectively. The tracker is designed to monitor every player’s stats easily and automatically updates you on changes made as soon as possible. As long as the players are constantly gaming and competing, the leaderboards are bound to have changes regularly. Our tracker keeps you updated, and the services it offers help you specifically find the stats of the players you are looking for with ease.

Have we mentioned that our platform is entirely focused on the user? Yes, you can use our tracker to effortlessly view all the KD ratios, kill stats, and the best part? You can also track all your personal stats. With the search filter, you can further optimize your search results to help you find that specific player you want to dethrone.

With the game refreshing ranks every three months, the leaderboards reset with it. Finding a spot on the leaderboard is no light work, but getting a place on it will help you find the acknowledgment you want and deserve.

Killstreaks Leaderboard

What is a multiplayer fps game without a challenge? You can only improve yourself by playing with decent players that are capable in giving you a massive number of losses. To improve your skills, you need to know where you are lacking. You can track all your personal stats or your friend’s KD ratios and recent kills. This feature helps you discover where you lack behind and track where your friends are doing better than you. The killstreak leaderboards compare your kills to people around you, making sure the player with the highest kill is not left unrewarded on the leaderboard.

Rainbow Six is exceptionally competitive, like any other multiplayer tactical shooter game, and the players are hungry for the kills. Set yourself to compete with users on our platform to learn from your mistakes and develop your set of skills to become the best version of yourself as a player.

Wins Leaderboard

The Rainbow Six tracker is here to help you quickly understand how the top players are staying on top of the leaderboards. For the most part, being on top of anything is no sideshow. The players are grinding every day and working hard to develop the skills that make them stay on top. The tracker helps you track all the win records you manage to pull off ASAP.

Considering that dethroning a top player is no easy feat, you can easily track the win records of the players on top and set a goal to compete with them for the spot. 

There will always be players that troll in any multiplayer game. So your God-like skills will not always help you get the win you deserve. The players on top of the win leaderboards will probably have a lot of dedication and arguably long hours put in the game, and you can bet that it is undoubtedly not achievable overnight. However, being consistent is the secret to achieving your desired goal without giving up.

How to Scale to the top of the R6S Leaderboard

One of the most toughest yet exciting challenges you can face as a player is getting on to the top of the leaderboards. Nothing but being fearless, consistent, and showing dedication will surely take you straight to the top in the long run.

It would help if you were not in the slightest bit discouraged but be extremely enthusiastic enough to even dream of a spot in the top 100 or even 50, alongside top players that are massively hardworking. Our tracker even offers you tips and assistance to guide you along the way.

Practice a lot

Seeking glory in this game is not achievable for players who do not practice consistently, and the lack of practice is most definitely going to show in your gameplay. Even though playing every day may help, without acknowledging your mistakes and improving on them would be a lost cause. Instead of blaming and raging on your teammates during each match, practice doing drills on things you’re bad at. Practicing every day also helps you improve your reaction time which is crucial when playing a game like Rainbow Six.

Even if we do not see all the hard work and time put in by the high-ranking players, we know that it took them blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of hours put into the game to get to where they are. Playing many rank matches and terrorist hunt mode will help you improve drastically better.

Play consistently

From time and time again, you will read that being consistent is vital and which is never wrong. Being consistent and, playing every day, putting in the hours into the game will help you get a better reaction time and an excellent winnable mentality and turn you into a tilt-proof gunning machine. But it will also build up your own confidence in making extraordinary plays that will help you get the W.

Think like your enemy

To beat a high-ranking player, you should think like him and be accustomed to everything that the game has to offer. This usually includes game mechanics like which attachments to use on which gun to control recoil, memorizing the recoil pattern on all the guns, being familiar with the map, and vice versa. You can only do all this homework if you are consistent in playing the game.

Don’t Be Reckless

While playing with a team, coordination is critical. All the unique operators have their role, and carefully sticking to it and making the best of it is the only way to go. Like if you’re an entry fragger, your primary goal should be to take control of the map and not recklessly go in, taking the name of a fragger and dying before your team can even call out tactics and plays to perform. While losing is part of the game, recklessly dying and causing your team to take the L should be avoided. Being patient and having good communication skills will bring you a long way.

Learn from your mistakes

It takes a good player to admit they have made a mistake, But it takes a better player to learn from it and strive to improve. There is no shame in making mistakes during a match but stooping so low as to cheat on the game just because you lost some games will only stunt your growth as a player. You will never improve and get critical backlash from players from the community. Cheating will also get your account a permanent ban, and you will lose all the progress you have made.

Why Use Our Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker?

Given that there are so many other platforms and trackers very similar to ours, what makes us stand out from the rest, and why should you use our Rainbow Six tracker specifically? We strive to give you the best, and we are focused on creating the most flexible, user-friendly tracker that players are looking for.

Our R6 tracker offers users a better enjoyable experience, and tracking cannot get easier than this. Not only does our tracker show stats, but it is designed to track all your personal records and players that are on the leaderboard and many more. The future is bright even though our tracker is new, and we are determined to update our tracker with better features and the likes in the coming days.

Everyone can easily rip the benefits from our tracker. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with the game or you’re seeking to improve yourself. The user-friendly feature of our tracker makes this possible. You can quickly start a game of Rainbow Six and expect our tracker to immediately monitor and record all your stats and progress without interrupting your fun.

Even though becoming a top player consists of long hours and consistency on your part, it is not unachievable. And we are determined to give you all the help and tips you need to achieve that. We strive never to compromise on providing the best services for our users on our end, but you probably shouldn’t just take our word for it. You can choose to try our tracker and see yourself never going back.

Bottom Line

Here’s the deal, Tom Clancy’s – Rainbow Six is a great tactical multiplayer shooter game, and with great shooter games come exceptionally skilled players. With incredibly skilled players? You do the math. Losing to these experienced players and learning where you went wrong, and improving yourself is part of the journey. There will always be a lot of better players than you in myriads of ways. Getting to the very top of the leaderboards is no easy task, but eventually, you will get there. 

Our Rainbow Six tracker is designed to help you in your journey to becoming one of the best players in the game and help you demand a spot at the top of the leaderboards. So what’s stopping you from using our R6S tracker?