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CSGO Stats Checker by FPSTracker.com

Want to see how your skills compare to CSGO professionals? Want to see how much progress you have made since you started? Or just want to tell your friends about that 10-player killstreak? That’s where our CSGO tracker comes in! By the time you get accustomed to the stats checker, you won’t ever be able to go back to not using it.

The world of Counter Strike: Global Offensive has an incredibly helpful community, merit-based recognition and strict penalties for cheaters and the like. But what we do here is a bit different. You have happened upon the main hub for all things CSGO and tracking.

How is that helpful for you specifically? That’s simple! While you can go ahead and play the game just fine, this site is for those wanting to hone their skills. Getting to the top of the CSGO leaderboards are no child’s play, and getting on them takes serious effort, dedication and skill. And that’s exactly why you should opt for our platform.


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Track All In-Game Statistics

Our priorities were defined from day one: to make the best player stats tracker for CSGO. To that end, there’s no compromise. Be it leaderboards, killstreaks, kill/death ratios or personal tracking, we have left no compromises. That’s what differentiates us from the rest. The decision is on you: are you content with your skills or are you willing to go the extra mile?

There’s a basic laydown of all the maps and weapons just for your convenience. Not to mention the fact that you can view CSGO trends over months or even years just in case you are a bit out of touch with the game and want to see what’s been going on recently.

The tracker is packed in the features department and strives to focus on the user experience. This ensures that anyone can take advantage of our services, be it a seasoned veteran or someone who just picked up the game.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Leaderboard stats

How our CSGO Tracker Works

The CSGO tracker effectively monitors stats of all its users and updates them whenever there’s a change. The automation of this process makes sure that you get to see all updates ASAP. Furthermore, the service tracks a plethora of stats, so if you are looking for something specific, you can find it quickly.

The platform is user-oriented and intuitive to use. Not only can you view all your kills and wins, but you will also be able to see the same stats for other CSGO players just like you. In addition to that, there are filters that optimize your search results even further.

The leaderboards reset after a fixed time, which means that positions at a single point in time will not be the same two weeks later. Maintaining a position on the leaderboard will require some effort, but you will get a lot of recognition by doing so.

Killstreaks Leaderboard

Only when you compare yourself to other players like you can you see the difference between each other and know where you need to improve. You can track all your friends’ recent kills and k/d ratios and see where you are better and where they are better. This leaderboard compares you to those around you to help you better understand how to get the highest kills and stand out of the crowd.

Challenges always help a person grow, and CSGO is no exception. You can set a goal for yourself to gauge your skills against that of other players who use our platform. Not only will you see your weaknesses, but you will also get to know and use your strengths to your advantage.

Wins Leaderboard

Understanding leaderboards might seem a bit tedious, but thanks to the CSGO stats tracker, doing so has never been easier. The player tracker seamlessly integrates with the game and provides you your win record at a moment’s notice. You can see who’s been topping the boards and how to dethrone them. It might not be easy, but leaderboards are all skill-based and never lie.

Getting to the top requires effort. Even if you have peerless skills, the top player will probably have an extremely high total win count and getting close to that number immediately is just impossible. Consistency is the key factor. Don’t let up and keep racking up those wins, and you will get closer to that goal as fast as you can.

Getting To The Top of The Leaderboard

It might look daunting to even imagine the effort required to be in the top 50 or even the top 100 for that matter. While you might not top the leaderboard easily, hard work betrays none. Thus, if you want some tips on how to improve your game, take a quick look.

Practice, Practice and Practice

This is normally the part where most people give up since no one wants to be beat by the same CS:GO player many times in a row. However, practice makes perfect, and there’s no loophole in that statement. You are going to need a lot of it, especially if you have just started.

Those that are ranked high have months or even years worth of practice. We recommend renting a cheap server to practice with your clan members.

Be Unwavering

The ‘C’ in CS:GO is for consistency. Well, not really, but you get the point. It is extremely important to be consistent. If you don’t play for a long time, you will lose all that accumulated experience and forget how to play the game. There is no point in playing a whole day and then not touching the game for a month. It takes time to develop skill, reaction time and muscle memory, but the result will be worth it.

Know Your Enemy and Yourself

Those who know their enemy and themselves need not fear the result of a thousand battles. To improve your ability, you will need to memorize game mechanics such as the recoil on different guns and the effects of different weapons. As always, playing the game is the best way to do that. A bit of extra effort goes a long way.

Don’t Be Reckless

Don’t be the player who always rushes in and dies first. Remember, in a game where everyone can die at a moment’s notice, tactics are the key to victory. Just going headfirst will almost always get you killed. Think about how to mentally overwhelm your opponent and survive till the end. These mind games are a core part of the gameplay.

Play Honestly and Fair

There’s no shame in acknowledging your faults. Rather, you will get tremendously better by doing so. Also, never cheat. Not only can it get you an immediate ban, but you will also suffer defamation and scrutiny. Just give it your best and never stoop to lower measures.

Why Should You Use Our CSGO Tracker?

Considering that there are many other platforms and utilities just like ours, why should you use our CSGO tracker? We focus on creating the most versatile and enjoyable experience a player can encounter. It doesn’t end at just stats. Be it personal tracking or gauging the top players, we are dedicated to providing all that and more. The journey has just started, and we are continuously bringing in even better optimizations and features.

The best part of it all is that there’s something everyone can take advantage of. You don’t need to be an avid player to benefit from our tracker. Just go ahead and start your game. We will do all the tracking and stat monitoring for you that so you can enjoy your game undeterred.

But don’t take it from us. You’re the boss; give our tracker a try. We are sure that you will be content with all the hard work we have put into making it worthwhile.

Bottom Line

Only you can determine your own limits. People will be better and worse than you. Learning is all part of the journey, and that’s why the CSGO tracker is here. It will help you not only improve your skills but also have fun along the way. After all, there’s no point in playing a game you don’t enjoy. So, take full advantage of the CSGO stats tracker and find the best players.