The Best Weapons For Each Battlefield 1 Class

Battlefield 1 sniper

These weapons are a good choice for the different classes in Battlefield 1. We show you their advantages.

In Battlefield 1, besides the standard weapons of each class, you have many more equipment options offered to you in the game. To unlock the different weapons, you need war bonds and the appropriate level. With our Battlefield 1 class leveling tips, this is quite easy. We’ll show you which weapons are good for the 4 classes and what their advantages are over the other weapons.

Best weapon for scout

The weapons in Battlefield 1 offer several advantages, which can be “better” than others depending on your playstyle or game mode. A short reload time and high accuracy is just as important for a sniper rifle as the specific distance at which the most damage is done. For the sniper players among you, we would like to recommend 2 different rifles. The Russian 1895 and the 98 rifle.

Russian 1985

This rifle is more for medium range and has a short reload time. If you miss the enemy’s head with one shot, the target doesn’t have much time to hide before you follow up with the 2nd shot. The large scope gives you a good view that other scopes can’t match. A wider field of view gives you the ability to see enemies faster.

Rifle 98

If you are more into concentrated power and long range, this rifle is a good choice. Although it has a longer reload time, the bullets arrive faster at the enemy and fly with more precision. Bullets fly in a straight line longer before heading towards the ground. If an accurate, long-range weapon suits your play style, then the 98 Rifle is a good choice for you.

Best weapon for Assault

The difference between the two Storm Soldier weapons presented is the weapon class. A strong choice is both a shotgun and a submachine gun.

M97 Trench Gun (Overbored)

With a shotgun, you can deal extra damage to enemies at close range. Since you shoot with the gun at close range, you don’t have to pay much attention to precision. If you prefer fighting without a long distance to the enemy, then this weapon is a good choice.

MP18 Trench

If you prefer to play with automatic weapons, then the MP18 is the better choice for you. Quickly unlocked with a lot of damage at short range. The high hip-fire value allows you to dish out damage quickly when enemies suddenly appear. While the M97 is better suited for clearing a checkpoint, the MP18 is good if you want to use it to clear a path to a checkpoint.

Best weapon for supply/support

For support players, we offer 2 different weapons that suit different play styles. It depends on whether you prefer to suppress the enemy or make kills.

M1909 Benet-Mercie

The standard weapon of the supply soldiers already does a solid job and is well suited for suppressing the enemies. The range is also adequate for this purpose. The M1909 Benet-Mercie is a direct upgrade to the standard weapon. It has a better rate of fire and a more accurate aiming device.

Bar M1918

If you prefer to participate in battles and kill more enemies, the Bar M1918 is a great choice. It has a longer range compared to the M1909, a sight and a tripod that you can use to keep the gun steady. For offensive supporters, this weapon is well suited.

Best weapon for medic

The weapon choice for the medic is designed to get you out of a predicament quickly if the enemy gets too close. Again, we offer you 2 different weapons that are well suited for this purpose.

Self-loader M1916

Shooting is not one of your main tasks as a Medic, so the standard weapon is actually quite okay. However, it is too slow to effectively stand up to an opponent. The M1916 has good accuracy and does enough damage to kill an enemy quickly.

Mondragón Sniper

In a battle where there are many enemy snipers, the Mondragón will help you. The rifle has a sight and a bipod that you can use to protect yourself and your allies and shoot at enemy scouts. With the bayonet attached, you can also kill enemies that have gotten too close to your territory.

Hope this weapons guide for Battlefield 1 helps you! Let us know in the comments what your favorite weapon is.