How To Get The Broken Bottle Weapon in Battlefield 1

broken wine bottle melee weapon in Battlefield 1

In Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC, you can unlock a broken wine bottle as a melee weapon.

The latest DLC for Battlefield 1 has been available for a while on pre-access for players with Premium Pass or Revolution Edition. From March 6, the Apocalypse DLC can then be purchased regularly.

The expansion brings new maps, a game mode and new weapons to Battlefield 1, but one of the melee weapons is hidden. You won’t find the broken wine bottle in the loadout overview for now. We’ll show you how to unlock it anyway.

Broken bottle as a melee weapon

On the new maps of the Apocalypse DLC of Battlefield 1 you will find wine bottles. These aren’t just there for decoration, but are necessary to unlock the broken wine bottle as a melee weapon.

You won’t find the broken wine bottle in the customization options of the different classes at first. To unlock it, you must single-handedly complete an event in which you make 5 kills with healed wine bottles. YouTuber Westie took a look at the wine bottles and explains how.

Start the quest for the bottle

To start the quest you’re supposed to complete to unlock the broken bottle, you’ll first need to find a healed wine bottle. These are placed on the three new maps of the Apocalypse DLC. These are Passendale, Caporetto and Somme.

You can pick up these healed wine bottles via hotkey and then use them as weapons.
Wine bottle locations – Caporetto, Somme and Passendale

There are many bottles hidden on the maps. In the overview we show you those that are easy to find.

Caporetto – 4 locations

  1. At the end of the bridge near the C-flag
  2. Near the flagpole on point D
  3. At the edge of the statue on the B spot
  4. Behind point B between the bench and the gramophone

Somme – 3 locations

  1. At point B on the floor in the windmill
  2. In the house at point C
  3. Behind the mill at point E

Passendale – 3 locations

  1. 5 bottles you can find in the bunker at spot B (3 on the green crate, 2 on the wooden crate)
  2. In the destroyed bunker, just before you leave the combat area between points D and E
  3. In an open trench bunker, near the E flag, you will find another bottle

Kills with wine bottles

If you pick up one of these wine bottles now, it will directly become your main weapon. If you change weapons or use the bottle, it will disappear. However, while carrying the bottle you can throw grenades, place medikits and ammo boxes.

Once you pick up a bottle, it will not respawn during that round.

You must make five kills with these healed bottles to unlock the broken wine bottle as a melee weapon for you.


  • You start the quest of the wine bottle as melee weapon by yourself. It will not be shown to you, but it will run in the background.
  • For the quest you make kills with healed wine bottles, which you can find at the locations of the new maps shown above.
  • If you pick up a bottle, it will take your loadout. If you switch to another weapon after picking up the bottle, the bottle disappears. So, pick up the bottle and then kill someone with it. The kills don’t have to be done during a match.
  • If you have five kills with healed wine bottles, the broken wine bottle will be unlocked as a melee weapon for you.