The Ultimate Guide for Overwatch Beginners

Overwatch character wallpaper

One of the emerging games today is the Overwatch. There are people all over the world who play this game all the time and enjoy its quality gameplay. There are also people who don’t know how to play this game but are willing to play. Are you one of these people?

Fortunately, this is a beginner’s guide to playing Overwatch. Never feel out of place again and enjoy the bliss and excitement of this game. In this beginner’s guide, you will learn the basics of game monitoring. I want you to stick it out until the end!

How familiar are you with the game? Overwatch is a first-person shooter. The game consists of different modes that focus on squad battles and consist of two teams with six members each. Members or players can choose “heroes”. about 30 characters. These heroes have their own roles to fill in the team.


  • Attack: Heroes who can do significant damage to enemy heroes who can do both attack and defense. They can attack control points or even defend the control points.
  • Defense: The shield of the team. These are heroes that can absorb damage from enemy heroes. Can be used to defend control points and even protect other players from attacks.
  • Support: Heroes that can heal and strengthen their allied heroes, useful in critical situations due to their healing qualities.

Tip #1 – Play a simple character

Overwatch currently offers you a choice of 21 heroes, but not all of them are suitable for beginners. However, the following seven heroes are especially beginner-friendly:

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is THE typical shooter character. If you know other games from the FPS genre, you’ll feel right at home here, because he can shoot, sprint and fire missiles. He can also heal himself and his buddies a bit and has a short-lived Aimbot as an Ultimate skill. With this, even the biggest beginner will score kills by the dozen.


The combat robot Bastion is the dream of all campers. Because while he’s a stinkin’ normal shooter hero in Standard mode, at the touch of a button he transforms into a stationary turret that clears away entire teams of enemies with a Gatling gun. And as an Ultimate, Bastion becomes a tank that can inflict gigantic damage with an extra-thick gun!

Reinhardt The Swabian

Knight Reinhardt is one of the strongest tanks in the game, because he can withstand extremely much and can create a huge shield in front of him, which protects the whole team. Under this cover, everyone can then safely advance and overrun even heavily fortified positions. Reinhardt is therefore ideal for players who may not be good at shooting, but like to protect their team.

Mercy The Healer

Mercy is a very easy to play, but also extremely effective supporter. She hovers behind her team and can restore even half-dead heroes to full strength in seconds via a healing beam. And thanks to Ultimate, even completely dead comrades come back to life!


Pharah is ideal for all players who love rocket jumps! The Egyptian soldier has a jetpack for short flights and a semi-automatic rocket launcher. With it, she floats over the battlefield and covers everything with deadly missiles. Her Ultimate tops all of this, unleashing a devastating barrage of explosives that depopulate entire areas!


Are you constantly getting shot down? Then play Roadhog, because the fat brute with the pig look can take a lot of punishment and plays very offensively despite his tank class. With his “shotgun” (yes, it’s really called that!) he sweeps away everything at short range and via grappling hooks he pulls the enemies to his optimal range. He can also heal himself and has massive hitpoints!


The cowboy McCree is a real gunslinger and can dish out a lot with his gun. He also stuns his opponents with stun grenades and rolls out of the line of fire. But the coolest is his Ultimate “High Noon”. After a short preparation he gives up to 6 enemies in range a deadly headshot!

Tip #2 – Pay attention to the team composition

In Overwatch, all team members can play the same hero if need be. But whether an army of Widowmakers is such a good idea is another matter. Fortunately, Overwatch itself immediately complains if you have selected an unfavorable constellation, for example by then saying “no tanks!” or “too little damage!” on the right of the screen. So make sure that nothing appears there if possible, then you have the perfect team!

Tip #3 – Follow the signs

You get lost in the partly quite twisted maps? Then pay attention to the red and blue lines on the ground, because they always lead you on the main path to the mission goal. In addition, your team is displayed as blue angles in the field of view when they are not in sight. This way you always know where your comrades are and avoid getting caught in the crossfire alone.

Tip #4 – Teamwork leads to victory!

Overwatch is not a Rambo-Rabautz shooter in which you rush forward as a R0xx0r lone fighter and kill everything. If you do that, you’ll be dead very quickly and can look at the kill cam and feel ashamed. Good teamwork makes much more sense in this game. Especially since many heroes complement each other perfectly and can pull off real killer combos.

Tip #5 – Eavesdrop

Your heroes are not silent and comment on every event on the field. So if someone shouts out loud “Watch out, sniper!”, there’s probably a nasty Hanzo or Widowmaker somewhere lying in wait. Also the turrets of Thorbj√∂rn are announced in time, so please don’t run blindly and get shot to pieces! In addition, ultimates are usually announced by some spell. You can find out how to recognize this in our guide to the Ultimate.

Tip #6 – Kills are not everything

Overwatch doesn’t have a deathmatch mode (yet). Instead, you have to conquer points, defend them, or protect cargo transports. This is theoretically possible without a single kill. Therefore, it doesn’t help if everyone in the team runs around like a maniac and shoots everything, as long as they don’t do this at the target area. So always pay attention to the mission objective and use your destructive potential optimally!

Tip #7 – Change the hero once in a while

In Overwatch, you can switch heroes at any time and multiple copies of the same character are allowed on the same side. Use this! Because if you just can’t get an enemy in front of your shotgun in a map as the sniper Widowmaker, then maybe you’d rather take the ramp sow Roadhog and throw yourself into the fray. Or do you notice that you as an attacking team are brutally failing against the opponent’s defense?

Then grab Tank Reinhardt and storm the position with shield and team in tow! But watch out! You’ll lose all progress on your Ultimate when you switch heroes, so it’s best to knock them out again wisely before switching.

Tip #8 – Healers must die

Supporters are worth their weight in gold in Overwatch, because they can keep a team alive almost indefinitely. Especially in defensive positions, such teams are very difficult to crack. Therefore, you should definitely take out the healers first during an advance, otherwise you’ll keep gritting your teeth and the enemy team will hardly be weakened, while you might be completely wiped out and lose valuable time.

Tip #9 – Don’t run around haphazardly

As mentioned before, teamwork is everything and solo actions are rarely rewarded. And despite the fast pace, Overwatch is surprisingly tactical. It’s more about cleverly exploiting positions and your own positioning, and less about “run-an-gun”. So play carefully, rely on your team, and don’t run around like a startled chicken.

Tip #10 – Know your enemy

Even if you find a handful of heroes particularly cool, don’t be afraid to try out every other hero. This is the only way to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Especially if a certain character is constantly killing you, you should play him a few times yourself. Then you’ll quickly see what he can really do and where he has real problems. You should then take advantage of them the next time you meet!

Extra tip: Practice your aim! It’s extremely important in Overwatch, and luckily for you we’ve written a whole guide about it.

Hope this guide helps you out in Overwatch!