Pro Player Reveals 3 Tips to Get Better At CSGO

CSGO pro eSports player

If you want to get good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you have to practice. A former pro explains the best way to do that with three training tips.

Practice makes perfect

Every coach’s standard saying applies to soccer, tennis, and cycling just as it does to billiards, chess, and CS:GO. So if you want to get better at Valve’s tactical shooter, you need to practice regularly. But how do you practice Counter-Strike properly?

The three core skills are equally important: shooting, situational awareness, and movement.

Step 1: Train your aiming

Of course, without shooter skills you won’t see land in CS:GO. Accordingly, you’ll need to train precision and reflexes to take down your opponents faster than they can knock you off your feet.

To improve your aim and shooting, the ex-professional recommends playing the community map Aim Botz every day. Start the map in offline mode in a private game. The map can be configured to your training needs. The Ex-Pro suggests that you shoot 1337 bots every day and time yourself to get faster and faster over time.

It’s important that you master both setting precise single shots and controlling the recoil patterns of all important weapons. To internalize the patterns, the ex-pro recommends the Recoil Master training map.

Here you start a training session by practicing precise single shots. If this works well, you try to accurately apply two-shot salvos. If this also goes smoothly, you practice firing three shots in a row. The whole thing continues until you can shoot long volleys and the bullets land as close to each other as possible.

Later, you can top off your training by playing CS Deathmatch against real players. Train all the weapons you would buy in a real match. Don’t forget pistols and MPs for the economy rounds!

Step 2: Learn to read the game correctly

Shooting is only half the battle in a tactical shooter. You also have to be able to read the course of a round and make the right decisions in order to have the right answer ready in various situations.

Here, the professional recommends a simple trick to improve your situational awareness: watch the pros! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers the possibility to download and watch the gameplay of other players in-game.

Then you can watch pros in first-person perspective reacting to certain situations and learn from them for your own game. You should also watch your own replays to see mistakes that you can better avoid in the future.

Step 3: Practice on your movements

Once you have trained your right hand (shooting) and your brain (situational awareness), all you need is your left hand (movement) to include all CS muscle groups in your training. Here the ex-pro recommends special community maps that deal with Movement. We have selected two categories for you:

  • Jump training: On this community map you train how to use jumps correctly. This includes important spots for bunnyhopping and long jumps to get to hard-to-reach places.
  • Surf maps: There is now a huge selection of these maps, which are designed only to tackle long slide courses and train your movement gameplay accordingly.

Hopefully this guide helps you to become a better CSGO player! Let us know what you think about the tips in the comments.