These Are The 10 Rarest Skins in Fortnite – Do You Have Them?

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Fortnite: Battle Royale now has hundreds of skins and outfits. But while some of them appear again and again in the shop, other skins have hardly appeared and are accordingly rare. Here you can see the 10 rarest skins (including the rarest skin) with pictures.

So we have chosen: In our list of the rarest skins from Fortnite we have concentrated only on skins from the shop. Because every skin from a past battle pass is unique and can’t be bought at the end of each season. This would clearly be the last skin from the Season Shop of Season 1 the rarest.

So that there is more variety, we only show skins from the shop. In addition, we have omitted recurring “event skins” such as the Halloween, Oktoberfest, Christmas or Chinese New Year skins.

These skins come back to the shop every year and lose their rarity value at the latest when they appear for the second time.

The 10 rarest skins from Fortnite’s Item Shop

We have listed the following skins in the order in which they appeared last. We start with the “youngest” skin and then work our way through to the oldest and rarest skin.

These are the real “OG” skins, which only have real Fortnite veterans, because they haven’t been in the shop for a long time. The publication dates were primarily based on our database.

How can you get the skins? The skins presented here may be available again sometime in the shop. Otherwise there is no legal way to get them.

10. Bandolier

What kind of skin is this? Bandolier (cartridge belt) is an epic skin that shows a dark-skinned guy with a bare chest, headband, sunglasses and cartridge belt. The latter is also the meaning of his name. He looks like a typical action hero of the 80s.

When was the last time he was here? Bandolier originally came into play during Season 4 on 27.5.2018. His last appearance was on 12.12.2018.

9. Sky Stalker

What kind of skin is this? This is a legendary skin. The Sky Stalker looks a bit like a character from Team Fortress. He wears a gas mask and a trench coat, which gives him a cool retro military look.

When was the last time he was here? This cool skin was first released during season 4 on 22.06.2018. His last appearance in the shop was on 7.12.2018.

8. Moisty Merman

What kind of skin is this? This legendary skin is bound to an area that has not existed for a long time: Moisty Mire, the boring swamp that was found in the southeast before Season 5. Moisty Merman is a kind of swamp monster costume that probably belongs to the shooting of the movies that were the theme of Season 4.

When was the last time he was here? Moisty Merman came into play on 24.05.2018 and was sighted again on 5.12.2018.

7. Far Out Man

What kind of skin is this? This epic skin is a real curiosity. Because you’re playing a crazy hippie with long hair and colorful clothes and psychedelic patterns on it. The hippie doesn’t fit the wild action of a battle royal and that’s what makes him so cool.

When was the last time he was here? The hippie came to the shop on 02.09.2018. On 27.11.2018 there was a return

6. Die Cast

What kind of skin is this? This is a rare skin that represents a steel android. He belongs to the legions of the film villain Omega from Season 4.

When was the last time he was here? Diecast came to the shop on 11.05.2018. He was last seen on 20.11.2018.

5. Funk Ops

What kind of skin is this? This cool epic skin is a real classic! It shows a dark-skinned man with a glitter shirt and Afro, who somehow seems to have come straight from a disco in the 70s.

When was the last time he was here? Funk Ops has been around for a long time.  His first gig was on 31.12.2017. Last time you could buy him on 08.11.2018.

4. Bunnymoon

What kind of skin is this?  Nobody really knows what this skin should be.  It is a bizarre mixture of various costumes, including a rabbit mask and Christmas lights. Bunnymoon is an unusual skin.

When was the last time he was here? Bunnymoon first came into the shop on 27.10.2018. On 01.11.2018 there was a short return.

3. Midnight Ops

What kind of skin is this? This rare skin shows a cool cyborg warrior. He has a kind of Iro hairstyle and a mechanical arm.

When was the last time? The first performance of Midnight Ops was on 30.03.2018, but the last one was on 24.10.2018.

2. Ghoul Trooper

What kind of skin is this? This epic skin is part of a holiday set, but was not part of the last Halloween event. So the skin is really super rare now. But Ghoul Trooper is basically just a zombie-painted Ramirez.

When was the last time? In fact, you could only buy the Ghoul Trooper once, in autumn 2017. She came for the first time on 26.10.2017 and her last appearance was on 28.11.2017. Since then she never appeared in the shop again. Should Epic bring back the Ghoul Trooper for Halloween in 2019, it would be a little sensation.

1. Recon Expert – The rarest Skin

What kind of skin is this? This rare skin is nothing special in itself. It shows only a dark-skinned woman with a hat and grey clothes.

When was he last born? This skin is extremely rare, because it was last made almost 2 years ago, on 12.11.2017. The first appearance was a little earlier, on 30.10.2017. This makes the Recon Expert the rarest skin so far, which could still be available regularly in the shop.