How to Beat Any Opponent in Rocket League

Rocket League kick-off

It’s better to kick on four wheels. Cars powered by rocket fuel with a nozzle at the rear don’t give each other a millimeter in the arena – and you’re right in the middle of it. With up to four players in a team, you try to somehow get the oversized ball into the goal of the opponents. There is no beauty prize to be won, but there is a lot of fame and honor. If you want to play your opponents into the ground, you’ll have to practice a lot. These tips & tricks will help you on your way to the top.

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Choose the right car

You can play Rocket League on all popular consoles. In addition to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 is also part of the game, as well as the PC. In terms of performance, all cars in Rocket League have the same values. However, since the game was programmed very precisely in terms of physics, there are certain differences in the driving behavior. For example, some of the cars have a larger turning circle, which you should definitely keep in mind when driving. Also, some of the vehicles are more bulky than others. For example, the Bulli “Merc” has a comparatively large total area, which increases your chances of hitting the ball. The difference is not significant, but it can make the difference, especially in close matches.

Be attentive at the kick-off

What is impossible in soccer is common in Rocket League – a goal right after the kick-off. If you play in a team, one of the team members should always drive towards the center as quickly as possible after the kickoff and block the ball, otherwise there is a risk of being caught off guard with a goal from a distance. As a rule, this should be the player closest to the center of the arena. Meanwhile, your colleagues can collect the first boosts, get into position and wait for rebounds.

Small tip: If you play in a team, you should always make sure that at least one player is guarding the goal. Just in case your teammate loses the duel for the kick-off and the first ball moves towards your goal right away.

Act moderately in the arena

Of course, it’s fun to race through the arena at full throttle all the time and knock the balls into the goal. But unfortunately it often looks different in reality. If you’re constantly driving at high speed, it’s hard to control the ball. In addition, you are less flexible, and because the ball is traveling quite fast, you will be able to play it correspondingly less. So let go of the gas button and after a few minutes you will notice how much more often you have the ball and that you can react faster to your opponent’s actions.
Defend with intelligence

In real soccer, championships are won on the defensive – this wisdom can also be applied to Rocket League. Many goals are of little use if you always concede one more at the back. There will always be situations in which you’ll find yourself on defense and will have to make lightning-quick decisions. If you can’t reach the ball, simply try to collide with your opponent and prevent him from scoring. With this tactic you won’t win any new friends, but you will have prevented a goal from being scored against you.

Another tip when playing in a team is not to rely on a fixed goalkeeper. What is common practice in normal soccer is useless in Rocket League. Instead, try to coordinate your team so that one of the players is more in your half, acting as a “flying keeper”, so to speak. Of course, it’s best to anticipate your opponents’ actions and stop them in their half. Nevertheless, it can never hurt to position a player further back as a safeguard.

Selfless players are welcome

Even if the goal scorer attracts most of the attention, selfless play also leads to success. When you are leading the ball and you are near the opponent’s goal, you should always ask yourself if your teammate is not better positioned. On the one hand, it is more likely that you, as the player with the ball, will be attacked, and on the other hand, your colleague is often in a better position because he is more flexible in his movements without the ball.

From a tactical point of view, it can sometimes be wise to ram your opponent and block his path to the ball instead of playing it. In addition, finishes from an acute angle are usually not a good idea. Rather, see if someone is waiting in the middle for your pass.

Work on your aerials

Aerials are artistic flying maneuvers in which you fly through the arena with your car and, in the best case, pass the ball to win. They help you to get balls that are difficult to reach and to score cool goals. The combination of jump, control and boost is extremely difficult to learn and requires a certain amount of practice.

The good thing is that if you know physics, that’s half the battle, because Rocket League is based on a comprehensible physics simulation. With a bit of skill, your car can be catapulted into unimagined spheres.

Jump first and then fire the boost. By regulating and controlling it, your trajectory changes. Try this more often and you’ll notice that you feel more comfortable and at ease in the air.


  • In Rocket League you try to score as many goals as possible in an arena with your car.
  • Choosing the right car is important.
  • Ram your opponent sometimes to defend your goal.
  • Play a good pass rather than always shooting blindly at the goal.
  • Improve your aerials through intensive training.

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