Fortnite Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks that will Lead you to Victory

Fortnite beginners guide

Everybody is talking about Fortnite: Battle Royale and you want to try it now? Find out in our beginners guide with tips and tricks in German how you don’t end up as cannon fodder!

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode (PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android) is now considered one of the biggest games in the world. Despite the simplicity of the game, Fortnite’s Battle Royal mode allows many tactical tricks, which we will introduce in this article.

Download Fortnite: Battle Royale

How do I get to Fortnite? The mode is completely free, sucks the game from the store (PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One) or loads it directly from the Epic Launcher (the game is not available on Steam) on your PC or Mac.

Also for Android devices and in Apple’s App Store you can download the game for free.

That’s the goal of Fortnite: Battle Royale: Once you’re in the game, you’re ready to go. The matchmaking for 100 players is short due to the gigantic player base, lobbies are quickly found.

In addition to the solo mode for one player, you can also go into battle as a couple in duo mode or participate directly as a 4-man squad. Your goal is to survive the individual rounds as long as possible in order to emerge victorious from the matches at the end.

Fortnite Beginners Tips: Battle Royale

You’re new to Fortnite and just learned the controls? The following tips for beginners will help you get started. The second part is about tips and tricks for advanced players who want to increase their chances of winning or their odds. Don’t forget to track your Fortnite progress.

Don’t Make A Sound!

Fortnite doesn’t have any radar. So you are completely dependent on your hearing. However, the same applies to your opponents. Reduce your noise level to a minimum.

  • If an opponent hears you, he has an advantage in battle – even if you are armed to the teeth.
  • Sprint as little as possible – walking or crouching causes less noise.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings before building anything or gathering resources with your pickaxe.

Note: Other players can also hear you when you change weapons.

Use Headphones!

In order to increase your chances of winning a battle, you should play with headphones. Every second you can hear your enemy earlier is a huge advantage.

Loudspeakers and televisions are not well suited in this respect. If you have a decent headset, you can hear the noise much better and locate it much more precisely in surround sound.

Be Paranoid!

Why should you always be on your guard? Be mindful all the time! Don’t rest anywhere, at any time an opponent could surprise you and invite you to a romantic dinner with his pump gun.

You hear a noise? Wait and see. If you become complacent and careless, you’ll end up back in the lobby sooner than you’d like. The search for strategically favourable points on the map also needs to be carefully considered.

You have found a point from which you have a lot of overview to shoot enemy players over the pile? Always keep in mind that not only you came up with this glorious idea. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be expected there.

Always Keep An Eye On The Safe Zone

Why should you always look at the map? You should check the map regularly to get an overview of the Safe Zone, which is displayed as a circle on the map. Anyone who is outside this ring after the time has elapsed will suffer continuous damage from a storm.

This mechanism forces players to keep moving. The map section, which is safe from the storm, keeps getting smaller and smaller, forcing players to duel to inevitably complete the rounds.

Align all your strategies with the location of the safe zone. Luck and bad luck go hand in hand here. The eye of the storm is far away? Then set off immediately! It’s not uncommon for other players to run into you when you’re on the run.

You can’t defeat opponents without running the risk of being caught by the storm? Ignore them and run past at a safe distance. Don’t get involved in a long battle. You won’t get anything out of victory if the storm finally catches up with you and gives you the rest.

Use Shield Potions Immediately!

fortnite shield potions

If you stumble across one of the coveted blue potions, consume it immediately! The potions grant you a shield of 50 points for the entire duration of the match. But since the potions only grant a bonus to your shield, you are not immune to some types of damage:

  • Fall damage will always attack your life directly.
  • Even the storm nibbles directly on your life line.

You can take up to two of these potions to get a shield bonus of 100 points.

Only Attack if you have a Realistic Chance to Win!

Why should you consider every fight carefully? Unlike most multiplayer games, Fortnite’s Battle Royal mode is all about survival, not killing enemies. Remember, you can kill 98 enemies and still lose the round.

So focus primarily on surviving! If you attack enemies in the forest like an axe, you’ll make a lot of noise. This noise can attract more players who can bring you back to the lobby.

However, Fortnite also rewards risky play: A successfully defeated opponent leaves all items in his inventory, which can give you an advantage at the end of the turn. If you want to know what weapons you should collect from fallen enemies, read our guide to the best weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Don’t collect the loot of fallen enemies right away!

That’s why you shouldn’t be greedy for loot: You have defeated an enemy and a true loot explosion was the result? Suppress the impulse to run there immediately and inspect the loot. Weapon fights make a lot of noise and can attract close players.

It is therefore unlikely that your little Tête-à-Tête has gone unnoticed. Any player looking at the loot of fallen enemies is vulnerable at this moment. Your attention is clouded and you represent an easy target to defeat.

After each fight, wait to see if other players are attracted. This will give you the opportunity to shoot greedy comrades who want to get at your loot.

Every cover is destructible – have a plan B!

Just about anything in Fortnite can be destroyed. Be it with the pickaxe or with raw weapon force. You should always keep this in mind when you are looking for a safe place.

Scan your surroundings for easy ways out and escape possibilities if you’re surprised by an enemy who’s after your cover.

If you’ve found a rocket or grenade launcher, you can also turn the spear around. These weapons are perfect for luring enemies out of their hiding places and smoking out enemy structures, in addition to normal grenades.

Use the building function!

Why should you build in Fortnite? You can build walls and stairs to protect yourself from enemy fire. You should always do this when someone fires at you.

Building is the be-all and end-all of Fortnite and the unique selling point of the Battle Royale genre. Those who master the construction mode have a gigantic advantage.

In addition, you should make sure to increase your resources during the game. There are three: Wood, Stone and Metal. While metal is more robust than wood, the cheapest resource offers the best initial protection after placement. Therefore, if you’re facing enemy fire, you should always use wood as your cover.

If you find traps, take them with you! In the Endgame, they can save your backside in their own buildings.

Fortnite: Advanced Battle Royale Tips

Do you know the basics and how the construction mode works? Anyone who regularly makes it to the endgame, but is overwhelmed there, can be reassured. For you, we have some more interesting information that will help you to finally achieve your desired epic victory – This way you can also win ambushes with the construction mode!

You are late and want to get into the eye of the storm in time? Especially under hurry and stress it can happen that you get careless and are only focused on the target (the safe area).

It is not uncommon for you to be flanked or pursued by enemies. So that you are not simply shot over the pile, you should immediately start to build a cover under fire. Switch to build mode and rotate 360 degrees to build up to four walls around you.

However, digging yourself in completely only makes sense if you can’t locate the shots. If you know exactly from which direction they want you to get to the leather, a set wall will do. This gives you the opportunity to retreat.

The perfect place to practice your building skills is the playground! Experienced players will be able to bring a wall between themselves and the opponent within a few seconds.

If you’re only shot at but not hit, you’ll know where the balls come from (the corresponding piece of wall will be hit). However, this is only the first step to victory.

Within your four walls you can’t see your opponent and therefore you can’t attack him. Therefore build stairs immediately in the direction from which the fire is coming. This way you can overlook the area and spy on your enemy.

Ideally, you will now have a height advantage over your opponent, which in most cases increases your chances of winning enormously. If your opponent stays in place, shoot him with your assault rifle.

If the opponent is quick and tries to reach your dwelling with a staircase, run towards him and fire a shot with the shotgun.

Once you’ve internalized the building process while being fired at by the enemy, you’ll have a tremendous chance of winning a battle. Once the walls and stairs are finished, metal and stone dwellings offer more protection than wood.

The following points are internalized so that you can keep the overview in the hectic pace:

  • Remember the order of your weapon inventory. If you want to build a cover or surprise your opponent with a well-placed staircase, select the weapon you want to attack with beforehand. A later weapon change costs time.
  • Before you set off, equip the building resource with which you can build a cover in case of an attack. This saves time and frustration.
  • Sort your weapon inventory so that you can easily switch between two weapons. If you keep bandages and shield potions between the shotgun and the assault rifle, it will be difficult to use the weapons cleverly in an emergency.
  • The right coordination between building and shooting as well as the change between building elements and weapons is one of the king disciplines in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Only those who always have an overview of their complete inventory and resources will gain the decisive advantage in battle.

Weapons, Win Battles, And Buildings Games

In the Endgame self-built fortresses are a victory guarantor, if you do it skillfully. After the available map section has shrunk for the second or third time, you should start building structures at the edge of the safe zone.

You should place them so that you can place stairs in two directions. How many floors you need depends on how high your starting point is. Your building should always be as high as possible.

Now patrol inside your fortress in order to:

  • Spy on and eliminate running enemies
  • Kill attacking enemies before they reach your fortress.
  • Locate enemy fortresses

Many players are afraid to build a structure because they feel exposed (the enemy will know where you are). However, in very rare cases other players will attack enemy structures (because they have rocket launchers or grenades). Usually you have an advantage because of your elevated position.

Opponents who shoot rockets at your dwelling are a nuisance. But keep in mind that the rockets can’t harm you as long as there’s a wall between you and the rocket.

In case of doubt, you can leave your dwelling at an invisible place and surprise your opponent (who continues to rain rockets down happily on your dwelling). This works by placing a door on the side away from the enemy.

You can also install a jump pad from your dwelling, which can quickly get you to safety or into the enemy’s back – a great tool for surprise attacks,

What do you think of Fortnite’s Battle Royal mode? Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments!