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Many gamers are looking for ways to improve their Valorant gameplay, and one of the best ways to do that is to get coaching from a professional. There are many different coaches out there, so it can be difficult to figure out who to go with. At FPS Tracker, we’ve gathered the top ranking Valorant coaches for your to choose from.

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Want to get opinions on your Valorant gameplay from real professional players? With the replay review service a pro player will comb through your gameplay videos to give you some great tips and tricks to get your skills to the next level.

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I can help you with advanced decision-making and everything that you need to do to become one of the best in the game.

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I have played VALORANT since the beta and have 1000 hours across my accounts. I have reached RADIANT two acts and now coach players.

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Why me? The main difference between me and other Fiverr coaches is that I’m giving you fully personalized coaching.

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Become a Pro in Valorant with Skilled Coaching

Are you failing to make an impact on Valorant? Get our Valorant coaching services and reach immortality!

Valorant is one of the top FPS shooters, with millions of players fighting for the top spot. However, your skillset determines a lot to excel in this hard-hitting game, which might take years to master. But not anymore! Our Valorant coaching services will place you in the league of immortals by improving your Valorant skills.

Our Valorant coaching services will help you find the ideal coach to suit your gaming style efficiently. Here are the things you can perform using our platform.

Find your ideal coach

Our platform provides various filters that help you find the ideal coach to suit your gaming style. You can choose a coach based on language and playing style to get the most out of your Valorant coaching.

Get guidance from the best

Our experienced coach will turn you into a perfect killing machine, improving your offensive and defensive skills. You can witness this change after having just one coaching session.

Attain your dream rankings

An experienced coach can boost your gaming skills, helping you attain new heights. You can conquer your dream rankings and stand in the league of immortals.

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How Valorant coaching works

1. Create an FPS Tracker account

FPS Tracker lands you in the midst of some of the most reliable Valorant minds in the industry, helping you get the best Valorant tips and tricks. You can create your FPS Tracker account with our user-friendly interface without breaking a sweat.

2. Employ our algorithms to start your coaching

Our platform employs advanced algorithms that offer seamless operations while finding a coach. You can insert your preferred details like language and playing style, and our algorithm will find the perfect match within seconds.

3. Book your coach

After finding your perfect match, you can book your preferred coach according to your needs. You can interact with him once you book a coach and plan your sessions accordingly.

What is Valorant Coaching?

Valorant coaching is a process where a professional player passes game knowledge to someone who wants to improve their game. In short, the concept is similar to online tuition, where teachers focus on a student’s growth.

Online Valorant coaching is a far more enjoyable experience and effective than techniques. For instance, you can interact with your instructor through live chat, analyze your recorded gameplay, or even play with your coach.

In short, Valorant coaches can present you with excellent learning methods and increase your enjoyment and engagement with the game. Additionally, coaches can pinpoint your mistakes and rectify them, elevating your gaming skills to the next level.

Unleash your Valorant potential

FPS Tracker compiles some of the brilliant minds in Valorant, helping you get the best tips and tricks to unlock your potential. You can hone your defensive and offensive skills and learn the art of mastering strategies to boost your gameplay.

Since our Valorant coaches are available 24/7, you can connect with your coach and discuss your shortcomings. Your coach will employ various tactics to pinpoint your mistakes and ensure that you don’t repeat them in the future.

Replay analysis

Although our platform allows you to play along with your coach, some players prefer to do otherwise. You can send your recorded gameplay to your coach, allowing him to understand your pros and cons.

For instance, our professional coach will help you improve your positioning, ability usage, weapon tactics, and other mistakes to bring out your A-game. In short, replay analysis is one of the best ways to improve your game, especially for beginners.

You can send a recorded match and analyze your gameplay with your coach.

Why should you use FPS Tracker?

FPS Tracker is an effective platform that helps you find the most accomplished coaches. These coaches can identify your mistakes and rectify them to help you attain better rankings.

Our goal is to provide effective Valorant coaching to suit your needs, elevating your coaching experience to the next level. Additionally, you can book your coaches based on your preferences and learn from one of the top minds in the Valorant space.

In short, FPS Tracker is the ultimate destination for every Valorant enthusiast who wants to take their gaming skills to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need?

Your current skillset and requirements usually determine how much time you will need. Starting an interactive session with your coach is the best approach to calculate your coaching time, as it will help your coach to understand you better.
For instance, booking a 2-hour slot will provide enough time for your coach to identify your pros and cons.

How do Valorant coaches teach?

Each coach employs a unique method to approach a coaching schedule. While some coaches prefer interactions or play together, others may rely on reply analysis before accompanying you to the battleground.

In short, our experienced coaches will help you get the most out of your Valorant coaching without compromising quality and performance.

Can we interact with our coach?

After creating your account and booking your coach, you will get a dedicated tracking page, including a direct chat option.

How much does coaching cost?

You Valorant coaching may differ depending on your skillset and preferences. You can visit FPS Tracker and evaluate the hourly rate of each coach.